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[texts]Seismic diagnostics for rotating massive main sequence stars - Mariejo Goupil
Effects of stellar rotation on adiabatic oscillation frequencies of $\beta$ Cephei star are discussed. Methods to evaluate them are briefly described and some of the main results for four specific stars are presented.
Downloads: 23
[texts]A product of integer partitions - Alain Goupil
I present a bijection on integer partitions that leads to recursive expressions, closed formulae and generating functions for the cardinality of certain sets of partitions of a positive integer $n$. The bijection leads also to a product on partitions that is associative with a natural grading thus defining a free associative algebra on the set of integer partitions. As an outcome of the computations, certain sets of integers appear that I call difference sets and the product of the integers in a...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Catalogue and price list of artists' materials. - Goupil & Cie

Keywords: Artists' materials--Catalogs; Trade catalogs--Artists' materials
Downloads: 255
[texts]Gravures, lithographies et photographies : extrait du catalogue general de Goupil & Cie, imprimeurs et editeurs - Goupil & Cie
"Janvier 1874."
Keywords: Goupil & Cie; Prints, French; Engravings, French
Downloads: 106
[texts]Histoire des mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles, observs dans le dpartement de la Sarthe. - Goupil, Clement Jaques
Itemid 222013
Downloads: 4
[image]Jungle Drums - Thurston Knudson

Downloads: 1,069
[texts]Seismic signature of envelope penetrative convection: the CoRoT star HD 52265 - Yveline Lebreton
Aims: We aim at characterizing the inward transition from convective to radiative energy transport at the base of the convective envelope of the solar-like oscillator HD 52265 recently observed by the CoRoT satellite. Methods: We investigated the origin of one specific feature found in the HD 52265 frequency spectrum. We modelled the star to derive the internal structure and the oscillation frequencies that best match the observations and used a seismic indicator sensitive to the properties of t...
Downloads: 4
[texts]3D Polyominoes inscribed in a rectangular prism - Goupil Alain
We introduce a family of 3D combinatorial objects that we define as minimal 3D polyominoes inscribed in a rectanglar prism. These objects are connected sets of unitary cubic cells inscribed in a given rectangular prism and of minimal volume under this condition. They extend the concept of 2D polyominoes inscribed in a rectangle defined in a previous work. Using their geometric structure and elementary combinatorial arguments, we construct generating functions of minimal 3D polyominoes in the for...
Downloads: 3
[texts]La locomotion aérienne; - Goupil, Alexandre, 1843-1909
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Aeronautics
Downloads: 128
[texts]Guide pratique pour l'essai des medicaments chimiques - Goupil, P

Keywords: Médicaments; Médicaments
Downloads: 151
[texts]A Matroid Framework for Noncoherent Random Network Communications - Maximilien Gadouleau
Models for noncoherent error control in random linear network coding (RLNC) and store and forward (SAF) have been recently proposed. In this paper, we model different types of random network communications as the transmission of flats of matroids. This novel framework encompasses RLNC and SAF and allows us to introduce a novel protocol, referred to as random affine network coding (RANC), based on affine combinations of packets...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Excitation of stellar p-modes by turbulent convection: 1. Theoretical formulation - Reza Samadi
Stochatic excitation of stellar oscillations by turbulent convection is investigated and an expression for the power injected into the oscillations by the turbulent convection of the outer layers is derived which takes into account excitation through turbulent Reynolds stresses and turbulent entropy fluctuations. This formulation generalizes results from previous works and is built so as to enable investigations of various possible spatial and temporal spectra of stellar turbulent convection...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Catalogue de la bibliothèque américaine de feu M.E. Eugène Goupil: livres anciens imprimés au ... - E. Eugène Goupil , Eugène Boban
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Downloads: 180
[texts]The Faint Cepheids of the Small Magellanic Cloud: an evolutionary selection effect? - D. Cordier
Two problems about the faintest Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) Cepheids are addressed. On one hand evolutionary tracks fail to cross the Cepheid Instability Strip for the highest magnitudes (i.e. I-mag~17) where Cepheids are observed; Mass-Luminosity relations (ML) obtained from evolutionary tracks disagree with Mass-Luminosity relations derived from observations. We find that the above failures concern models built with standard input physics as well as with non-standard ones...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Excitation of stellar p-modes by turbulent convection : 2. The Sun - Reza Samadi
Acoustic power and oscillation amplitudes of radial oscillations computed for a solar model are compared with solar seismic observations. The oscillations are assumed stochastically excited by turbulence. The numerical computations are based upon a theoretical formulation of the power going into solar like oscillation modes as proposed by Samadi et al. (2000) in a companion paper. This formulation allows to investigate several assumptions concerning properties of the stellar turbulence...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Mesoscopic thermoelectric transport near zero transmission energies - Adel Abbout
We study the thermoelectric transport coefficients of a one-dimensional (1D) electron waveguide connected to one and then two off-channel cavities, in the presence of dephasing phonons. The model system is that of a linear chain described as a 1D lattice. For simplicity we consider single-mode cavities, which may be tuned with external gates. While the presence of only one off-channel cavity yields a nearly symmetric transmission profile, which is canceled around the cavity mode, an additional c...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Rotational splittings for slow to moderate rotators: Latitudinal dependency or higher order effects in Ω? - R-M. Ouazzani
Information about the rotation rate is contained in the low frequency part of power spectra, where signatures of nonuniform surface rotation are expected, as well as in the frequency splittings induced by the internal rotation rate. We wish to figure out whether the differences between the seismic rotation period as determined by a mean rotational splitting, and the rotation period measured from the low frequency peak in the Fourier spectrum (observed for some of CoRoT's targets) can provide con...
Downloads: 32
[texts]Rotation and Convective Core Overshoot in theta Ophiuchi - C. C. Lovekin
(abridged) Recent work on several beta Cephei stars has succeeded in constraining both their interior rotation profile and their convective core overshoot. In particular, a recent study focusing on theta$ Oph has shown that a convective core overshoot parameter of alpha = 0.44 is required to model the observed pulsation frequencies, significantly higher than for other stars of this type. We investigate the effects of rotation and overshoot in early type main sequence pulsators, and attempt to us...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Amplitudes of solar p modes: modelling of the eddy time-correlation function - K. Belkacem
Modelling amplitudes of stochastically excited oscillations in stars is a powerful tool for understanding the properties of the convective zones. For instance, it gives us information on the way turbulent eddies are temporally correlated in a very large Reynolds number regime. We discuss the way the time correlation between eddies is modelled and we present recent theoretical developments as well as observational results...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Giuseppe Verdi compositeur (Volume no date given) - Goupil
Collection of Cecil Hopkinson (1898-1977)
Keywords: Verdi, Giuseppe, (1813-1901) -- Portraits
Downloads: 84
[texts]FILOU oscillation code - J. C. Suarez
The present paper provides a description of the oscillation code FILOU, its main features, type of applications it can be used for, and some representative solutions. The code is actively involved in CoRoT/ESTA exercises (this volume) for the preparation for the proper interpretation of space data from the CoRoT mission. Although CoRoT/ESTA exercises have been limited to the oscillations computations for non-rotating models, the main characteristic of FILOU is, however, the computation of radial...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Statistical analysis of the figure of merit of a two-level thermoelectric system: a random matrix approach - Adel Abbout
Using the tools of random matrix theory we develop a statistical analysis of the transport properties of thermoelectric low-dimensional systems made of two electron reservoirs set at different temperatures and chemical potentials, and connected through a low-density-of-states two-level quantum dot that acts as a conducting chaotic cavity. Our exact treatment of the chaotic behavior in such devices lies on the scattering matrix formalism and yields analytical expressions for the joint probability...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Solar-like oscillations in Delta Scuti stars - R. Samadi
Model computations of Delta Scuti stars, located in the vicinity of the red edge of the classical instability strip, suggest amplitudes of solar-like oscillations larger than in cooler models located outside the instability strip. Solar-like amplitudes in our Delta Scuti models are found to be large enough to be detectable with ground-based instruments provided they can be distinguished from the opacity-driven large-amplitude pulsations...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Traite methodique du dessin de l'aquarelle et du lavis : applique a l'etude de la figure en general du portrait d'apres nature du paysage, de la marine, des animaux, des fleures et des papillons - Goupil (Frederic-Auguste-Antoine), b. 1817
Keywords: Watercolor painting
Downloads: 13
[texts]Exposition des principes de la nouvelle doctrine médicale, avec un précis des thèses soutenues sur ses différentes parties - Goupil, Jean Martin Auguste, 1800-1837
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Broussais, F. J. V. (François Joseph Victor), 1772-1838; Broussaisism
Downloads: 311
[texts]Traite methodique de l'aquarelle et du lavis appliques a l'etude de la figure en general, du portrait d'apres nature, du paysage, de la marine, des animaux, des fleurs et des papillons - Goupil (Frederic-Auguste-Antoine), b. 1817
Imprint on cover: Paris, Arnauld de Vresse, 1869
Keywords: Water-color painting
Downloads: 11
[texts]Traité de paysage mis à la portée de tous - Goupil (Frédéric-Auguste-Antoine), b. 1817

Keywords: Landscape drawing
Downloads: 8
[texts]Traite methodique et raisonne de la peinture a l'huile : contenant les principes du coloris ou melanges des couleurs appliques a tous les genres: paysages, fleurs, fruits, animaux, figures, etc. d'apres les regles des grands maitres et la connaissance parfaite des effets chimiques sur les matieres colorantes ; suivi de L'art de la restauration et conservation des tableaux - Goupil (Frederic-Auguste-Antoine), b. 1817
Cover date: 1874
Keywords: Painting; Color; Colors; Painting
Downloads: 18
[texts]Manuel général de l'ornement décoratif : étude encyclopédique sur le gout appliqué aux embellissements extérieurs et intérieurs aux tentures, a l'ameublement, aux vases, au costume, a la composition des jardins, etc. - Goupil (Frédéric-Auguste-Antoine), b. 1817
Errata p. [52]
Keywords: Decoration and ornament
Downloads: 105
[texts]Le Salon de 1891 - Proust, Antonin, 1832-1905
Keywords: Paris. Salon, 1891 (Société des artiestes français); Paris. Salon, 1891 (Société nationale des beaux-arts; Painting, French; Sculpture, French
Downloads: 545
[texts]Thermoelectric internal current loops inside inhomogeneous systems - Y. Apertet
Considering a system composed of two different thermoelectric modules electrically and thermally connected in parallel, we demonstrate that the inhomogeneities of the thermoelectric properties of the materials may cause the appearance of an electrical current, which develops inside the system. We show that this current increases the effective thermal conductance of the whole system. We also discuss the significance of a recent finding concerning a reported new electrothermal effect in inhomogene...
Downloads: 7
[texts]On the Deficiency of 8--10 Day Galactic Cepheids - J. Robert Buchler
The Galactic Cepheid period histogram has a strong dip between 8 and 10 days that has defied an explanation based on evolutionary and linear pulsation studies. We show here that this deficiency is caused by the instability of the nonlinear fundamental pulsation cycle in this period range. The strong metallicity dependence of this instability is consistent with the absence of a corresponding minimum in the Magellanic Cloud data...
Downloads: 8
[texts]The effects of moderately fast shellular rotation on adiabatic oscillations - J. C. Suarez
We investigate adiabatic oscillations for delta Scuti star models, taking into account a moderate rotation velocity ~100 \km/s. The resulting oscillation frequencies include corrections for rotation up to second order in the rotation rate including those of near degeneracy. Effects of either a uniform rotation or a rotation profile assuming local angular momentum conservation of the form Omega=Omega(r) on oscillation frequencies are compared...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Optimal working conditions for thermoelectric generators with realistic thermal coupling - Y. Apertet
We study how maximum output power can be obtained from a thermoelectric generator(TEG) with nonideal heat exchangers. We demonstrate with an analytic approach based on a force-flux formalism that the sole improvement of the intrinsic characteristics of thermoelectric modules including the enhancement of the figure of merit is of limited interest: the constraints imposed by the working conditions of the TEG must be considered on the same footing...
Downloads: 11
[texts]The role of rotation on Petersen Diagrams. The $ Pi_{1/0}(Omega)$ period ratios - J. C. Suarez
The present work explores the theoretical effects of rotation in calculating the period ratios of double-mode radial pulsating stars with special emphasis on high-amplitude delta Scuti stars (HADS). Diagrams showing these period ratios vs. periods of the fundamental radial mode have been employed as a good tracer of non-solar metallicities and are known as Petersen diagrams (PD).In this paper we consider the effect of moderate rotation on both evolutionary models and oscillation frequencies and ...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Irreversibilities and efficiency at maximum power of heat engines: illustrative case of a thermoelectric generator - Y. Apertet
Thermoelectric generators are particularly suitable to investigate the irreversible processes which govern the coupled transport of matter and heat in solid-state systems. We study the efficiency at maximum power in the strong coupling regime, where the thermal flux is proportionnal to the electrical current inside the generator. We demonstrate that depending on the source of irreversibility we obtain either the Curzon-Ahlborn efficiency for external dissipation or a universal efficiency at maxi...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Comment to the paper : Collapse of the vortex-lattice inductance and shear modulus at the melting transition in untwinned YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_7$, by Matl \QTR{em}{et al.} - A. Pautrat
In a recent paper, Matl et al present a high-frequency study of the complex resistivity of a pinned vortex lattice in YBaCuO . They focus on the inductive-to-resistive transition which is investigated as a function of temperature at a constant field $B_0=2$ T, so that the transition is associated with the vanishing of vortex pinning strength. To our view, their conclusions rely on a rather brittle experimental body and the collapse of C66 results from an involved analysis of the finite frequency...
Downloads: 11
[texts]A closure model with plumes I. The solar convection - K. Belkacem
Oscillations of stellar p modes, excited by turbulent convection, are investigated. We take into account the asymmetry of the up and downflows created by turbulent plumes through an adapted closure model. In a companion paper, we apply it to the formalism of excitation of solar p modes developed by Samadi & Goupil 2001. Using results from 3D numerical simulations of the upper most part of the solar convection zone, we show that the two-scale-mass-flux model (TFM) is valid only for quasi-laminar ...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Experimental study of the correlation length of critical-current fluctuations in the presence of surface disorder: Probing vortex long-range interactions - J. Scola
We report on critical currents and voltage noise measurements in Niobium strips in the superconducting state, in the presence of a bulk vortex lattice ($B < B_{C2}$) and in the surface superconducting state ($B_{c2}< B < B_{C3}$). For homogeneous surfaces, the correlation length of the current fluctuations can be associated with the electromagnetic skin depth of vortex superficial instabilities. The modification of the surface state by means of low energy irradiation induces a strong modificatio...
Downloads: 8
[texts]A quantitative analysis of stellar activity based on CoRoT photometric data - J. C. Hulot
The CoRoT satellite has made available high precision photometric observations of a large number of stars of different spectral types. Continuous photometric time series allow the characterization of stellar microvariability in a systematic way. We determine an index indicating the level of activity, derived from photometric data, for a large sample of stars with different color temperatures. We also assess to what extent this index can be related to an estimated Rossby number for stars whose ro...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Comparative seismology of pre- and main sequence stars in the instability strip - Marian Suran
Pulsational properties of 1.8 M$_{\odot}$ stellar models covering the latest stages of contraction toward the main sequence up to early hydrogen burning phases are investigated by means of linear nonadiabatic analyses. Results confirm that pre-main sequence stars (pms) which cross the classical instability strip on their way toward the main sequence are pulsationally unstable with respect to the classical opacity mechanisms...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Oscillation power as a test of stellar turbulence : Scanning the HR diagram - Reza Samadi
The acoustic power injected by turbulent convection into solar-like oscillations depends on the details of the turbulent spectrum. A theoretical formulation for the oscillation power is developed which generalizes previous ones. The formulation is first calibrated on a solar model in such a way as to reproduce the solar seismic data. This allows to investigate different assumptions about the stellar turbulent spectrum...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Stochastic excitation of non-radial modes I. High-angular-degree p modes - K. Belkacem
Turbulent motions in stellar convection zones generate acoustic energy, part of which is then supplied to normal modes of the star. Their amplitudes result from a balance between the efficiencies of excitation and damping processes in the convection zones. We develop a formalism that provides the excitation rates of non-radial global modes excited by turbulent convection. As a first application, we estimate the impact of non-radial effects on excitation rates and amplitudes of high-angular-degre...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Mode excitation by turbulent convection in rotating stars. I. Effect of uniform rotation - K. Belkacem
We focus on the influence of the Coriolis acceleration on the stochastic excitation of oscillation modes in convective regions of rotating stars. Our aim is to estimate the asymmetry between excitation rates of prograde and retrograde modes. We extend the formalism derived for obtaining stellar $p$- and $g$-mode amplitudes (Samadi & Goupil 2001, Belkacem et al. 2008) to include the effect of the Coriolis acceleration...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Clinique médicale sur les maladies des femmes - Bernutz, Gustave Louis Richard
Book digitized by Google from the library of Complutense University of Madrid and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Keywords: Women
Downloads: 305
[texts]Clinique médicale sur les maladies des femmes (Volume v.1) - Bernutz, Gustave Louis Richard
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Genital Diseases, Female; Women
Downloads: 303
[texts]Clinique médicale sur les maladies des femmes (Volume v.2) - Bernutz, Gustave Louis Richard
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Genital Diseases, Female; Women
Downloads: 248
[texts]Efficiency at maximum power of thermally coupled heat engines - Y. Apertet
We study the efficiency at maximum power of two coupled heat engines, using thermoelectric generators (TEGs) as engines. Assuming that the heat and electric charge fluxes in the TEGs are strongly coupled, we simulate numerically the dependence of the behavior of the global system on the electrical load resistance of each generator in order to obtain the working condition that permits maximization of the output power...
Downloads: 25
[texts]Internal convection in thermoelectric generator models - Y. Apertet
Coupling between heat and electrical currents is at the heart of thermoelectric processes. From a thermal viewpoint this may be seen as an additional thermal flux linked to the appearance of electrical current in a given thermoelectric system. Since this additional flux is associated to the global displacement of charge carriers in the system, it can be qualified as convective in opposition to the conductive part associated with both phonons transport and heat transport by electrons under open c...
Downloads: 12
[texts]A ~ 14 Days Star with Two Phase-Locked Modes of Pulsation in the Eros Database - J. P. Beaulieu
Using CCD photometry obtained by the EROS collaboration in 1991-1993, we have discovered an LMC variable star with a light curve that is oscillating with a mean period of $\sim 14$ days and an amplitude of $\sim$ 0.3 mag. The oscillations appear with irregular amplitude variations. The Fourier spectrum shows that the pulsation of this star is phase locked between two modes of frequencies $f_0$ and 1.5$\times f_0$...
Downloads: 7
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